"Man's main task in life is to give birth to himself, to become what he potentially is. The most important product of his effort is his own personality." ~Erich Fromm

What has turned into a small rant

I might cry if I see a single more .gif on my dashboard of the new episode of Game of Thrones. I haven’t had time to sit down and watch the new episode yet!!

On a side note, I feel like my griping about my trifling first world problems is getting a little out of control.

*Sob* I don’t have a job.

*Sob* My new job makes me tired.

*Sob* I tell my boss I’m tired and she gives me more days off.

*Sob* I haven’t been able to watch the new episode of my favorite show.

I need to come back to reality. However, so do some of those in my Government and Politics class. We debated over the former tax percentages for the wealthy over time on a graph indicating both the year and administration. Essentially, my entire class came to the conclusion that even a progressive tax system that taxes extremely wealthy individuals 35% of their multi-million/billion dollar income is too much. They concluded that, instead, a flat tax system should be in place because, yes, although those under the poverty line would suffer from paying 10% of their annual income (this was a seemingly arbitrary number they threw out), the wealthy would still “technically” be paying more because 10% of their multi-million/billion dollar income is more than the “single mother under the poverty line” (an example the discussion leader gave.)

What’s more, the man sitting next to me explicitly said this: “It doesn’t really matter who makes what in this world. The world is unfair. If that “single mother with young children under the poverty line” cannot make ends meet with the money she makes, that’s not the problem of the wealthy people. The wealthy should not have to belong in a higher tax bracket than the poor. If they all paid the same rate, the wealthy people would still pay more. It’s the mother’s fault that she had children she couldn’t afford. It’s her fault that she doesn’t work hard enough to make more money. It’s also her fault that she got with such a dead-beat and had kids with him. He probably left her for a reason. Those with millions and billions of dollars worked hard for their money. They shouldn’t be punished for being successful; the poor should. Maybe that would motivate them to stop being lazy. The U.S. gives too much to charity and to other countries. They don’t deserve what we have.”

I have never in my life been faced with such blatant misogynistic, upper class white privilege. It was like a slap to the face. I’ve heard of people saying these things, but never have I experienced it on such a colossal scale. Nearly the entire classroom was behind his argument. He also managed to comment on the whole “student loan” issue, and stated that students should have to pay more for their education if they couldn’t pay for it through hard work.

Hard work? Really? Because I don’t seem to think your parents paying for a professional pro golfer to be your personal coach for 15 years of your life, paying for your entire college education with your trust fund money, and never wanting for a single damned thing in your life is what may be called “hard work” on your part. You live in a home that costs more than what my family makes in 5 years.

Then, he had the audacity to elaborate on his “it’s her fault” argument a little. He claimed that if she had just taken the precautions to not have children she couldn’t afford with a “dead-beat” as he called it, she would not be in poverty and could work. Yet he claims that abortions and all forms of birth control other than the latex condom are morally wrong. I knew I’ve always disliked this guy from the moment I met him; his constant snarky comments about my political opinion (literally made every single day because I am the only liberal in the class, without a doubt), his stares, and is outright rude demeanor to anyone who disagrees with him is becoming too much for me to handle.

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  • Woman: Can I have birth control?
  • Government: No.
  • Woman: I got pregnant because I didn't have birth control and I don't want the fetus. Can I have an abortion?
  • Government: No.
  • Woman: I gave birth to my child but since I wasn't expecting it, I can't afford daycare. Can I have help paying for it?
  • Government: No.

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